Root Canal Treatment

The best root canal treatment to rescue your teeth!

Tooth decay occurs on the tooth surface to people who eat sugary & starchy food. Also, they have poor brushing and flossing habits. When such a condition is for a long time the tooth decay travels to the root surface of teeth. Then it is called as the root decay or the root caries. It is a crucial dental problem that demands immediate treatment. If a fast action is not taken a tooth might die. Many people are fortunate to have cavity resistant tooth enamel but rarest of them have cavity resistant root surface. Generally, the exposed root surfaces are more common in adults of older age group. Therefore, the senior citizens are at higher risk of root decay. Also, dry mouth, as a result of medications creates week roots. If this happens an endodontic treatment is necessary as the best solution. When the pulp, or the soft tissue inside our canal, becomes infected. The inflammation arises due to a variety of causes. A deep decay & repeated dental procedures crack or chip the tooth.

Do you need a root canal? Don't be anxious about it. We at Adesh Dental Hospital are your guide to your every simple or complex problem. A root canal is a treatment that repairs and saves your tooth. That is badly injured or decayed. Our expert team removes the nerve and pulp inside of the tooth. Then it is cleaned and sealed to increase the longevity of your tooth. We will relieve you of the dental pain and save your teeth. Prevent the abscesses choose what’s the best for you!

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